WOF (War On Fat) Tip: “Fat” … :-)

While having a discussion with my friend on Facebook, it struck me that maybe this is a topic that is good to Blog about, atleast so I could collect my thoughts on the subject.

There is some legitimate misunderstanding about the “Fat” in my “War On Fat” (WOF). The “Fat” I am referring to in WOF is:

– Overweight

– Bulging belly

– Struggling to even walk, let alone run or play

– Etc.

Note: I have nothing against over-weight people. (If it helps, I am overweight). We all review our lives and determine the areas we need to focus on. For some people (like me), looking trim is important. For some others, it may not be the highest priority. I understand that and respect that.

Dietary “Fat” is not what I am referring to in WOF.

As per almost all the sources, based on the recommended daily calorie count of 1800-2000 calories per day, a maximum of 60-65gm of Fat is recommended.

Trans Fat = 0gm (Dangerous! Stay away. Processed food!)

Saturated Fat = 20gm maximum (Approx). Meats, Diary Products etc. It is really good to limit Saturated Fat. I am aiming for zero here.

Unsaturated Fat = Good one! Omega-3/6 (Fish), Nuts  (Walnuts!), Extra-Virgin Olive Oil etc. Unsaturated Fat is what we should be focusing on, obviously.

My friend has a very valid point that the intake of dietary fat (Unsaturated Fat) should never be zero.

South-Asians have a much greater genetical tendency towards Heart ailments than other ethnicities. In that background, the recent spur of fast food and processed food is scary, to say the least. If a burger sells for 25Rs in this day and age (and every Corporation will take its profits), ever wonder about the quality its ingredients?

Keeping an eye on what kind of fat we take in can only help us IMHO.


WOF (War On Fat) Tip: Pain …

I am sure you all must have experienced it as well. While working out, there comes a phase, during the early part, when your body screams “DUDE! TAKE IT EASY!!!!”. For me, it usually happens after the first 5 minutes. I.e. During minutes 5-8. Your body will try and coax you into stopping the madness and heading to the comfy Sofa and yummy Chips (and the oozy Pizza, oily Fries and made-in-Mars Sodas). Thats where we need to let our mind defeat the body, IMHO. If you can bite through that phase, trust me, you will enter that Zone. Assuming you dont overdo the overall workout, you will come out with a high level of energy.

The ThumsUp Soft Drink Ad in India has the tag line: “Dar ke aage jeet hai” (“There is Victory beyond the Fear …”).

My point is: “There is Victory beyond the Pain …”.


WOF (War On Fat) Tip: Protein!

When I met my friend (who was visiting from Singapore) recently, he was shocked to see how different I looked. He was of the opinion that I have lost a lot of Muscle Mass.

Hmmm …

Something to think about. Here are my thoughts on the subject:

– I have lost almost 2 inches off my waist (and keep in mind that I am a guy who was deemed “fit and slim” well before I started WOF :-)). Is it muscle I am losing or is it fat I am losing? Cant it be that the loss of fat is actually increasing the muscle percentage in my body?

– My face is looking leaner and does not have much of that typical puffiness in the face that is present for folks in my age group

– I can do a lot of repititions with siignificant Weights in each hand, indicating that I do have atleast some Muscle left 🙂


Having said all this, it is obviously critical that I eat enough Protein. I do eat a lot of Pulses. Lately, I am focusing more on Egg Whites. Need to study and experiment more on this subject.