Chili Palace Restaurant (Hunan Cuisine), Milpitas, California …

After reading a very good review in a local newspaper, I have been wanting to go to this restaurant for some time. The opportunity presented itself recently and following is my experience …

Prices = $$ [$ – Cheap, $$ – Slightly pricy, $$$ – Wow! Bank Loan Time! šŸ™‚ )

Service = Good

Since my previous experience with a Hunan Restaurant was awesome, I had very high expectations. Considering that, we had a good experience (even with our 2-year-old running amok in there).

We started off with Won Ton in Hot Sauce (6.95). The hot sauce was great, though the won tons were a bit ordinary.

For the main course, we went for:

Sliced Fish with Hot Chilli Sauce (12.95)

Spicy Curry Chicken (8.95)

Vegetable Fried Rice (6.95)

Special Pork with Chilli (10.95)

Chicken Chow Fun (7.95)

Our favorite was the Sliced Fish with Hot Chilli sauce. The ample quantity compensated for the price. Our least favorite was the Chicken Chow Fun, which we thought was quite ordinary. Overall, we liked the food enough to order some takeout also.


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